“You control your experience.” Life is meant to be this journey right?  So why is it that so many of us can feel lost on what destination we are headed towards.  Who is supposed to tell us where to go?  Society?  Our parents?  Our soul?  How are we supposed to know exactly what steps and what feedback is telling us if we are on the right path?  

I know these questions sound rhetorical but to me, this is the on-going chatter that can clog our mind even if we don’t realize we’re listening.  

Hypnosis came into my life in quite unexpected ways but I can assure you that this philosophy and the modalities and subtitle language arts I’ve studied are no trivial thing.  They make REAL LASTING CHANGE in those everyday habits and feelings of life that support us while we journey on towards our where-evers. 

I invite you to join me on this path of empowerment – to take back control of your own inner guidance and to live each heart beat fully alive and free from outside expectations.  

You are perfectly designed and capable to live a life of pure bliss and awe!  No one would be happy with rainbows everyday – we crave variety and triumph, challenge and reward.  Let’s move towards your better states right now – step by step – in the playful ability of your internal imagination.  

“There has to be a better way.”  These were the words I mumbled to myself as I left one of my countless therapy sessions in trying to overcome my own painful anxiety a few years back. Having done so much to manage my own feelings of dread, worry and uncertainty, I became determined to do my own research and heal myself. 

That’s when I found empowerment through hypnosis and I’ve never looked back. 

My eyes were opened to the amazing and proven benefits of clinical hypnosis which inspired me and shifted me to such an extent, that it’s now my calling in life in helping people change in just a few short sessions. 

Once you know the integrative tools and techniques to overcome it, anxiety becomes a choice. It’s not something that comes back like some entity. Rather, it’s something that you actively choose to resume doing. 

In my world and the change-work I do, anxiety is a habit. It’s a program that has become habituated in the brain through repetition and reinforcement. Luckily for you, because your brain has learned this habit, it can also unlearn it much more effectively. 

Now, I’m not a miracle worker or some online guru. I’m someone who has felt your pain and helps people, just like you, discover their own personal power and finally find lasting relief and freedom to live their life on their terms.